Anatolian Treasures

Appalachian Valley Natural Products? "AVNP"We are known the world over for High Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service.We are also known as AVNP and Anatolian Treasures.Many of our customers have been shopping out store for many years and one thing I always say about our customers is "An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer".I say this because many times we see things on the internet that are just too good to be true; and they are.AVNP customers have come to enjoy quality and shop with the confidence of knowing we will always put them first.

Appalachian Valley Natural Products has teamed up with Ancient Healing Oils to provide quality body, bath, and beauty essentials.These products are now made by Appalachian Valley Natural Products for Ancient Healing Oils using our highest quality essential oils.The creams are made here at our only location in Friendsville.The lotions and body care products all incorporate the highest quality ingredients and all scented products use our essential oils. Check out these products located under 'Essentials' in the toolbar above.

We're a Family owned and operated small company in beautiful "downtown" Friendsville, Maryland - population 600.I'm sure you have heard the saying a "One Light Town"; we are a No Light Town.Nice people that greet you, say hello and wave when driving past you, many times you don't even know them.When you go to the local store you are asked how your day is going and they actually count your change.

Friendsville is in a green valley, and Internationally known for its whitewater river, the Youghiogheny.Commonly called the Yough.We are found in the green Appalachian Mountains, just off Highway 68 in the little finger between WV and PA. Please stop by and visit if you're passing through .. you can't miss us as the town is too small.

What are you seeking? If you're looking for claims of the "finest and only pure and unadulterated oils in the world" you won't find any such hype on this website. No company can honestly make such claims and we refuse to resort to dishonest marketing to sell our products. We have high quality, pure oils - but so do a lot of other honest and reliable sellers of essential oils.If an oil is of a lesser quality we will either: not offer it for sale or inform you of the lower quality and it will be reflected in the price

If you're looking for pure, unadulterated essential oils AVNP has them.. Our essential oils have not been tampered with or "engineered" in any manner. Most of Anatolian Treasures? oils, are distilled from organic or wild-grown aromatic plants.Please understand that we are not a certified facility.We may apply for this certification in the future but we have done fine without it.What this means is even if we purchase a certified organic oil when we break the seal on the container and pour it into smaller bottles we can no longer say it is certified organic.

ALL of our oils are tested with Gas Chromatography. We sell no essential oils until they are tested and approved by our GC analyst.It's not a generic GC test, but an accurate reflection of the chemical components in the batch of oils from which the oil in your bottle was taken. The percentages of chemical components must fit within the acceptable "profile" or "footprint" normally expected for oils produced from aromatic plants within the region where the plants were harvested - if they don't meet that criteria, AVNP doesn't sell them. Buyers requesting copies of GCs for oils they purchase will receive them - FREE OF CHARGE.

Lot Numbers: Because of the high cost to customize labels to accommodate Lot numbers as the lots change, this information is no longer available on the bottle labels. This is also a "green" change as we had to trash many pre-printed labels. ; ) ALL of our oils have a Lot Number that is listed on our web site. We always know by dating when a particular lot was sold out and new lot was put in place.

Why do we test ALL our oils?

First, because no two batches of essential oil, like snowflakes and human finger prints, are ever identical. There will be minor differences in the percentages or ratios of the chemical composition of essential oils - especially in those oils distilled from wild-grown aromatic plants.

Secondly, though we trust our contract distillers, they're human, and humans make mistakes. Besides, folks do best those things the boss checks. Finally, we test ALL our oils so we can feel comfortable in giving customers a 100% GUARANTEE that any Anatolian Treasures? oil they purchase will be a pure, unadulterated and high quality essential oil.

Where do we obtain our oils? Many of our oils are from wild-grown or organic aromatic plants that are grown, harvested and distilled in Turkey. The reason for the large number of Turkish oils is that the founder of AVNP also owned Business Services International (BSI) in Ankara, Turkey. We continue to work with the same contacts and distribution networks that Butch Owen established. Of course, some oils are not available in Turkey and in those cases, we purchase directly from what we believe to be reliable and honest distillers - but we test those oils too. Trust everyone, but always lock your car!

We GUARANTEE that we will provide you with a quality product. Anatolian Treasures? oils are pure, unadulterated oils made from the plants we say they're made from. Our oils are good oils. Neither AVNP or any other seller can guarantee that your nose will like the odor of all oils - different strokes for different folks. Accordingly, if you want samples prior to making purchases, we'll be happy to send them. We'll provide the samples and it's up to your nose to do the rest.

Packaging: We believe that quality oils deserve quality packaging at the same time we do our part to recycle. Accordingly, our products are packages in the best packing material: However: the outside box will in many cases be a recycled box we obtain from the local High School.If you must have or want a new box please let us know on your order and we will be sure to pack you order in a new box.

Bottles: We use a number of different type of glass, plastic and aluminum bottles. In every case we do our best to deliver our products in the best packaging available.Miron Violet bottles are no longer used for our ml size oils: However: they are available for purchase.

Labels: are water and oil resistant.Some of our labels are water and oil prof and in the near future all of our product labels will use this new process. We're sure you'll spill some oil on the bottle sometimes. When this happens, you can wipe it off the label and the ink will not smear.

CAPS: Essential oils in retail sizes are Tamper Evident with Twist & Break seals. They also have built in dropper inserts. We want to ensure the buyer is protected and feels confident that the oils they purchase have not been tampered with - even if purchased off the shelf of one of the retail outlets that carry our products. All of our retail bottles from 1 ml to 30 ml have protective caps. Bottles of oil purchased in OUNCE sizes do not have reducers/droppers.

Why do folks use essential oils? We think you know this and we won't try to dazzle you with claims of the proven or supposed therapeutic values of AVNP essential oils. We have no medical doctors on our staff, we're not authorized to prescribe medicine and we don't try to do this. We believe that folks who have read this far are aware of the value of essential oils and have knowledge of their proper use. If that's not the case, we recommend you seek information on "aromatherapy" using any of the I-Net search engines - or, check the links on our "Recommended Links" page. We would also recommend you consider attending some aromatherapy classes or take an AT correspondence course.

Will our prices change? Each Anatolian Treasures? essential oil is extracted from a single botanical source. Weather, international market conditions and other variables do drive price changes, and availability of any essential oil is not always within our control. So - the answer is that prices might change (up or down,) but they will never change WITHOUT NOTICE! If you place an order and prices change (higher or lower) prior to AVNP filling your order, your price will be the lowest price posted in that time frame.

Does AVNP have a minimum order requirement? No - we have no minimum order requirement! Making folks buy something they might not want in order to get something they do want doesn't strike us as being the best way to win their hearts and minds - and their future business.

We guarantee the quality of what we sell. If you decide to try some of our Anatolian Treasures? oils or other products, we promise to deliver to your satisfaction. We appreciate your business and want you to come back.If you need something we don't currently have in stock, we'll be glad to refer you to one of the other honest and reliable dealers out there in Essential Oil Land.

AVNP believes that all natural products are gifts from a source greater than mankind. We're proud to offer the fine products on this website, products we see as an integral part of the Anatolian Treasures? that enrich our lives.

OIL QUALITY All Anatolian Treasures? essential oils are GC tested to ensure the oils are pure and the percentages of chemical components are well within the expected norm for oils produced from plants within the region of harvest.

HOW TO OBTAIN SAMPLES? We realize that some folks like to use their nose to test oil quality, so - if you want samples, we'll send you samples.

If you are not sure of an oil then its good to request a sample before purchase because it is possible you might not like that particular oil .. or, you might have become used to something different. I am not responsible for what other sellers offer .. be their product pure or adulterated. If their product is not pure one must consider that adulterating is done to increase profits .. and to make the oil smell nicer .. thus, being more marketable. Some of my oils might smell different than those a buyer is accustomed to because mine are NOT tampered with.

We want to ensure that buyers eventually get to have an olfactory experience with every oil we sell .. so I keep a list of which oils each buyer has purchased or received as a sample. So when you make an order .. you can either choose your samples .. or I will do it for you. :-)

If you're not making a purchase but still want to sample our oils, add up to three free to the cart - but we must charge you shipping on this one.

If you want more than three samples, beyond three will cost 75 cents each.

Expensive Oils:

We do offer Free Samples: However; samples on Expensive oils such as Rose, Heli etc. always have a $.75 fee. Also samples are meant to be just that, a sampling for you to evaluate so you can make a decision whether or not to purchase. Request for several samples of the same oil will receive one of that item.

Essentials We offer a small “trial size”… for our essential soaps, lotions and ect.Also, if your interested in trying multiple essentials for trial we would suggestone of our gift baskets. Basket 811 will give you a choice and trial size of the shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, Body wash and Lotion at a price lower than purchasing them individually. Check it out.

Sales and Samples: Because of the extreme high volume of sales we reserve the right to put the sample offer on hold. We do our best to always provide samples but at times it is overwhelming and to keep up with samples would only delay the processing and delivery of your order.

The ordering of samples is not considered a purchase in qualifying for promotional sales offered by Appalachian Valley Natural Products.

RETURN OF PRODUCTS If you received your oils in good shape but don't like the odor of one of them, keep in mind that there's different strokes for different folks, BUT - I'll still try to make it right because I want to keep you happy ... if possible ..

In such a case, contact me .. even though I can't take an oil back if it's been opened because the oil can't be resold due to the possibility of contamination ... we'll work something out. Please don't just send the oil back, contact me and give me a shot at making it right. I cannot resell oils that are returned because I cannot guarantee the integrity of the oil without having it analyzed and that is not economically feasible for 4 oz of an essential oil. Accordingly, I do not accept returns unless there is a problem that is the fault of my company or the quality of the oil .. and .. since I can provide an analysis with each oil we sell, I can imagine no problems with the quality of the oil.

In no case can I accept return of a product later than 5 working days from date of receipt .. and then, I do not accept returns unless the buyer contacts me first to discuss the reasons for the return. And even after such permission is granted, any bottle that has been opened .. or even appears to be opened .. cannot be accepted and the buyer cannot be reimbursed.

All returns .. for whatever reasons .. are subject to the Returns and Credits policies outlined above.

Returns: Store credit will be issued for all returns unless otherwise discussed.


Please check your shipment for external damage before signing for it .. or if it is an order that requires no signature, bring the problem to the attention of the Postal authorities .. immediately. In all cases you must bring the damage to the attention of the shipper. If an order is badly damaged you do not have to accept it.

In case of internal damage that is discovered after the shipment is signed for or obtained from the Post Office .. Do Not Discard the Box or the Broken Products - They Will Be Needed For An Insurance Claim. If a buyer disregards this policy, We Will NOT Be Able to Be Reimbursed - And You Will NOT Be Reimbursed. :-(


First, I don't see this as happening because we work hard to see that you stay happy with our service, plus our products are high in quality and we can prove this with more than words. BUT, if something does make you frown - you can do the following and I'll do my best to make you smile again.

Contact me if any of the following applies and I'll make it right as soon as possible, at no cost to you:

1. You didn't receive your order. It will be replaced.

2. Your oils were received leaking or broken. (See above)

3. You received the wrong oils. (See above)

If you have questions please contact me directly, John Croskey (the owner) at: Click to email Please use this: if the link above does not work on your computer

It's my aim to have your oils on the road to you no later than 24 hours of receipt of payment .. same day if possible.

Folks, we're glad to have your business and we aim to please - that way, we can keep your business and everybody is happy. I am proud to have been able to extend our services to buyers in 50 US States and 41 other countries .. and I appreciate all of my buyers and friends .. be their orders for $29.95 or $5,000.00 plus.

The above was written by the Founder of Appalachian Valley Natural Products, Butch Owen. I too was a happy customer of AVNP and I will do my best to maintain the high standards that customers of AVNP have come to know and expect.

As Butch always says, "Y'all keep smiling, :-)"